create your own unique piece

With over 100 different dinnerware and ornamental shapes
to choose from there is something for everyone. 

- Opening hours -
Tuesday to Sunday 10am till 5pm except Wednesday till 1pm only,
7 days during school holidays.
Late night booking, by request (minimum of 8 painters applies)

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Give A Gift That
Lasts A Lifetime

Paint the Earth is a great social activity - you can chat with friends while you paint or enjoy individual time-out while creating a unique ceramic piece

There’s no need to be arty or creative! It’s easy to create a keepsake or a unique gift by using stencils, print a design
to trace or other simple techniques that our staff can show you.

Ceramic painting is a fun activity for everyone regardless of age or creative ability

Everyone enjoys a gift made with love and from the heart!


Want to give it a go?

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Open 7 days during school holidays 10am-5pm